Guide to building Continuum

Why would I want to build Continuum?

You might want to build Continuum yourself for one of two reasons:

  • To build the source release of Continuum
  • to try out a bleeding edge feature or bugfix (issues can be found in JIRA), but you can try our SNAPSHOTs:
  • to fix a problem you are having and submit a patch to the development team.

Note that for releases, you may also make use of pre-built binaries.

Checking out the sources

All of the source code for Continuum and its related libraries is in a Subversion repository. You can also browse the repository, or checkout specific modules directly.

All SVN instructions are available on the Source Repository page.

Building the sources


  • JDK 5 or greater
  • Maven 2.0.7 or greater


To build Continuum, you run this command from the top (trunk) directory:

mvn clean install