Scheduling Project Build

Schedules determine the project's time interval to build.

When scheduled builds are triggered, there is no dependency ordering between project groups and the following happens:

  • Projects are updated from the SCM. These are queued under the Prepare Build Queues section in Queues page.
  • Builds of the projects are executed. These are queued under the Build Queues in Queues page.

To configure a scheduled build:

  1. Create a schedule. You can refer to Managing Schedules section.
  2. Add a build definition to a project using the schedule created in step 1 for the Schedule field. You can refer to the section Managing Build Definitions.Scheduling build

Note: In a distributed build setup, the project builds are not executed if no build agent is configured or if a build agent group with no build agent, is configured in the build environment that is attached to the project's build definition.

To view the results of the build, refer to Build Results Management.