Release Note

The Continuum team is pleased to announce the Continuum 1.1-beta-4 release

Highlights are:

  • bug fixes
  • A new backup tool with xmlrpc for continuum db (not the users db)

You can grab the latest release from the download page

To upgrade from a previous 1.1 beta, you can look at Upgrade Guide .

Below is the jira release notes for this release.

Release Notes - Continuum - Version 1.1


  • [CONTINUUM-1313] - Document changes to XMLRPC
  • [CONTINUUM-1492] - error when trying to run data management tool when behind a proxied firewall
  • [CONTINUUM-1536] - Data management cli doesn't read settings.xml
  • [CONTINUUM-1539] - French langage misspelling
  • [CONTINUUM-1540] - data-management-cli-1.1-beta-4-app.jar will not import builds data
  • [CONTINUUM-1541] - NPE with "Provide Release Parameters"
  • [CONTINUUM-1543] - Email Subject line templates support only 3 name variables.
  • [CONTINUUM-1544] - Email Summary no longer includes the Test Summary statistics.
  • [CONTINUUM-1547] - data-management-cli import cannot handle testResult entities in build.xml
  • [CONTINUUM-1548] - NPE in IRC Notifier
  • [CONTINUUM-1550] - Upgrade documentation commands don't work
  • [CONTINUUM-1551] - the builds are not ordered by date
  • [CONTINUUM-1552] - When trying to export the user database -> FileNotFoundException: backups/users/keys.xml (No such file or directory)
  • [CONTINUUM-1556] - Empty Group Description causes Freemarker error in Group Edit mode
  • [CONTINUUM-1557] - Appearance is not saved
  • [CONTINUUM-1559] - loading company pom doesn't use repositories declared in settings.xml
  • [CONTINUUM-1560] - Error with group summary auto-refresh after performing a release
  • [CONTINUUM-1561] - Documentation on how to configure appareance in Continuum
  • [CONTINUUM-1564] - Adding Continuum Installations accepts null value for "value/path" field
  • [CONTINUUM-1571] - NullPointerException - IrcContinuumNotifier


  • [CONTINUUM-1397] - ability to customise html footer
  • [CONTINUUM-1472] - No navigation on Project Release Summary page
  • [CONTINUUM-1546] - There should be a way to simply create a project group without having to add a project
  • [CONTINUUM-1563] - add two new parameters in the mail notifier includeTestSummary and includeOutput

New Feature

  • [CONTINUUM-1379] - Documentation Configuration Continuum ClearCase Maven 2


  • [CONTINUUM-347] - document push build technique by project id
  • [CONTINUUM-570] - Documentation to add for war deployment in several container
  • [CONTINUUM-1204] - Fix permissons on the CONTINUUMUSER space