Release Notes - Continuum - Version 1.2.2

The Apache Continuum team is pleased to announce Apache Continuum 1.2.2

As the first public release since Continuum 1.2, version 1.2.2 resolves a security issue in which scm passwords were exposed in plain text in the log files. Users who have password protected scm repositories are encouraged to upgrade and take precautions to secure any log files written by Continuum 1.2.

In addition, this release contains many fixes and improvements, including new configuration options and XML-RPC methods.

Changes in Continuum 1.2.2


Changes in Continuum 1.2.1 (test build)



New Feature


New in Continuum 1.2

Using Spring

Continuum now uses the Spring Framework as it's underlying container instead of Plexus. This results in a boost in performance and stability for the web application in particular.

Repository Purge

It's now possible to add purges which will cleanup :

Maven plugin groupId and artifactId change

Now the maven plugin has the new groupId:artifactId org.apache.continuum:continuum-maven-plugin

New SCMs support

Now continuum two new providers : git and accurev.

Changes in Continuum 1.2



New Feature



Have Fun !

The Apache Continuum Team