Project Group Build Definition

The project group level build definition is executed on all of the projects in the group.

Project Group Build Definitions

To add build defintion to your project group:

  1. Under the Build Definitions tab in the Project Information screen, click Add.
  2. Supply the values for the necessary fields.
    • Enter your POM filename, which is very likely the same as previous builds, pom.xml.
    • In the Goals text box, enter your new goals. For example, clean site deploy or release:branch.
    • You may have arguments for Maven, such as --batch-mode --non-recursive. Add your arguments in the Arguments text box or leave it empty.
    • Check Build Fresh to do a fresh checkout from CVS before the build process. Check Always Build if you want to execute the goal every time you build the project. If you want this build definition to be your default for building your project, check the Is it default? check box.
    • Select your build schedule from the pull-down menu. There will only be the DEFAULT_SCHEDULE if you have not defined any others.
    • Select from the pull-down menu the Build Environment for the build goal.
    • Select the Type from the pull-down menu.
    • You can supply a short description of the build definition (Definition).
  3. Click Save.