Purge Configuration

Click the Purge Configurations link under the Administration section.

Purge Configurations

You will see all repository purge configurations and all directory purge configurations.

Here you can add/edit/delete the purge configuration.

You can also purge the repository or directory by clicking the corresponding purge icon of the purge configuration.

purge now icon

Adding / Editing Repository Purge Configuration

Specify the repository to purge.

Adding / Editing Directory Purge Configuration

There are two types of directory purge configuration:

  • releases - this will purge the working copies associated with releases.
  • buildOutput - this will purge the build output of each project.

Purging Repository

  • Delete all - will delete the entire contents of the repository
  • Days Old - will delete the artifact if it's older than the number of days old but still satisfies the number of retention count.


    Days_Old = 30 days

    Retention_Count = 2

    If I have 5 artifacts that are older than 30 days, only 3 of them will be deleted because I have to retain any 2 artifacts (Retention count).

  • Retention Count - the number of artifacts to retain; all in excess will be deleted
  • Delete Released Snapshots - will delete all released snapshots

Purging Directory

  • Delete all
    • Releases Directory - will delete all releases-* directories
    • Build Output Directory - will delete all build output of each project
  • Days Old - will delete the directory if it's older than the number of days old
  • Retention Count - number of directories to retain

Steps in purging:

  • Perform Delete All purging if it is checked.
  • If delete all is not checked, then is days old has a value greater than 0? If it has then perform days old purging.
  • If days old is 0 then perform retention count purging.
  • Delete released snapshots purging will always be performed if it is checked, unless the Delete All is also checked or it's a directory purging.