Wagon Notification

  1. Under Notifiers from the Project Information page, click Add.
  2. On the Add Notifier form select Wagon from the pull-down menu and click Submit.
  3. On the next page, enter the Project Site URL.

    It must be a Wagon URL like the URL used in distributionManagement. For the Webdav protocol, you can use dav:[http_url] or file:///path_to_the_directory if you want to copy it locally with the file protocol.

  4. Enter the ServerId. This should match the value of the <id> in the server configuration found in settings.xml. Sample configuration follows:

    Using the server configuration in [user_home]/.m2/settings.xml is a workaround for user authentication using the wagon notifier.

    The <username> and <password> should be set to the user account that has the Site Producer and Site Observer roles.

    Add Wagon Notifier
  5. Select the “Send on ...” options you want.
  6. Click Save. The Wagon notifier you just added will be listed under Notifiers on the Project Information page along with the other notifiers you may have set up prior to this.

The file protocol will create buildresult.txt file locally in the location specified in the Wagon Notifier configuration. If you used the Webdav protocol, a buildresult.txt file will be copied to your disk, relative to where you told it to be placed when you set up the Wagon notifier.

You can also view the buildresult.txt file from a browser at the Project Site URL you specified.