Package org.apache.maven.continuum.xmlrpc.project

Class Summary
AddingResult This class is the result of add maven project action.
BuildAgentConfiguration Class BuildAgentConfiguration.
BuildAgentGroupConfiguration Class BuildAgentGroupConfiguration.
BuildDefinition Class BuildDefinition.
BuildDefinitionTemplate Template which contains some buildDefinitions.
BuildProjectTask Class BuildProjectTask.
BuildResult This class is a summary of a single continuum build.
BuildResultSummary This class is a summary of a single continuum build.
ContinuumProjectState Class ContinuumProjectState.
Project Class Project.
ProjectDependency Class ProjectDependency.
ProjectDeveloper Class ProjectDeveloper.
ProjectGroup Class ProjectGroup.
ProjectGroupSummary Class ProjectGroupSummary.
ProjectNotifier Configures one method for notifying users/developers when a build breaks.
ProjectScmRoot Class ProjectScmRoot.
ProjectSummary Class ProjectSummary.
ReleaseListenerSummary Class ReleaseListenerSummary.
Schedule Schedule for a project.

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