2016/05/18 - Apache Continuum has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Building Continuum

This document will help you check out and build the Continuum source code.

Quick Start

  svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/continuum/all continuum-all
  cd /path/to/continuum-all/parent
  mvn install
  cd /path/to/continuum-all/continuum
  mvn install

After a successful build, you will find the Continuum distributions in continuum-jetty/target and the WAR file in continuum-webapp/target.


To build Continuum, you will need Apache Maven. Download and install the the latest stable version.


The Continuum source code is stored in a Subversion repository hosted by The Apache Software Foundation. You will need a Subversion client in order to check out the source code. A list of Subversion downloads and third-party clients is available on the Subversion web site.


In the Subversion repo, there is a convenience 'all' directory with an svn:externals definition that allows you to check out the trunk, parent POM and site all at once. It will look empty when viewed in your web browser, but checking it out with your Subversion client will bring down all the code.



The trunk of the Subversion repo has version 1.4.x, which are the current GA releases. You can find more information about planned features on the Roadmap. If you see something interesting, please join us on the dev list to talk about it!



The Continuum parent POM contains configuration that is common to the entire project. It has a separate, less frequent release cycle than the distribution.



The source for the top-level Continuum website (including this page) is in a separate directory in Subversion. It is published when changes are made, but it is not tagged and "released".



We do not currently have any active branches for bug fix releases (e.g. 1.3.x). There are several inactive branches for ongoing work. Generally there will be some discussion on the dev list or a JIRA issue opened before a branch is created.



The sandbox is an area where committers are free to experiment. No notice is required to create something in the sandbox.



Tags for all past releases, test builds, and interesting points in time are available.



If you need help finding something or building it, please ask on the dev list or on irc.