2016/05/18 - Apache Continuum has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Debugging Continuum

This document will help you get set up to step through the Continuum source code for debugging.

First, follow the instructions to check out and build the Continuum source code.

Then, use the convenience 'mvnDebug' script to start the Continuum webapp on port 9090 with debugging enabled:

cd /path/to/svn/checkouts/continuum/continuum/continuum-webapp
mvnDebug jetty:run

By default, it will suspend and wait for you to connect on port 8000.

Now connect to the running instance with your debugger.

Connecting with Intellij IDEA


  • Run -> Edit Configurations
  • Press the '+' button to add a Configuration, and choose Remote
  • Give it a name, change the port to 8000, and click on OK


  • Choose Run -> Debug, or select your Configuration from the drop-down in the toolbar and click the Debug icon next to it
  • To see what's happening behind the scenes, set a breakpoint in one of the Action classes, which you'll find under src/main/java in the continuum-webapp module
  • Visit http://localhost:9090 and navigate through the webapp until you hit the breakpoint and your debugger takes over