Edit a Project

Project View

When you edit a project from the Group Summary page, you will see basic information. The first part of the page contains information regarding:

  • project name
  • project version
  • project scm url
  • project Last Build Date
  • all build definitions attached to the project
Project View Top

With the 'Edit' button, you can change some project informations like the scm url if your project was moved. With the 'Build Now' button, you build the project manually with the default build definition.

Second part contains information regarding:

  • project notifiers
  • project dependencies
  • project developpers
Project View Bottom

Build Results

You can view all project's Build Results with the link Builds You will see all build results summary : start/end Time, result. It's possible to delete some build results with checkboxes

Build Results

Now you can edit a build result

Build Result

Editing a build result will display :

  • scm changes (author and file path)
  • project dependencies (project recorded in this continuum instance)
  • detail of the build definition used
  • the full build command line output
Build Result