Jabber Notification

  1. Under Notifiers from the Project Information page, click Add.
  2. Select Jabber from the pull-down menu and click Submit.
  3. On the Add/Edit Jabber Notifier page, fill out the form with the following:
    • Jabber Host
    • Jabber Port is typically 5222
    • Jabber Login
    • Jabber Password
    • Jabber Domain Name is the fully qualified domain name of your Jabber login
    • Jabber Recipient Address
    Add Jabber Notifier

    The Jabber login and Jabber recipient address must be different. The Jabber recipient must also be added in the contact list of the sender (at least for Google talk).

  4. Select the “Send on ...” options you want.
  5. Click Save. The Jabber notifier you just added will be listed under Notifiers on the Project Information page along with the other notifiers you may have set up prior to this.