Managing General Configuration

The first time you start Continuum, you will see the 'General Configuration' page. This page is preconfigured with default values.

General Configuration
Working Directory The directory where all projects will be checked out
Build Output Directory The directory where all build output will be stored
Release Output Directory The directory where all release output will be stored
Deployment Repository Directory The directory where generated maven2 artifacts will be stored. This directory will be respect a repository structure. It is independant of the maven deploy phase
Base URL The base Continuum URL. This URL is used in notifications
Number of Allowed Builds in Parallel The number of build queues that will be utilized to build projects. This allows concurrent checkouts and builds of multiple projects. Available since version 1.3.1.
Enable Distributed Builds When checked, this Continuum instance will delegate all builds to configured agents.
Shared Secret Password The pre-shared key (PSK) between the master and all configured agents. The PSK will need to be copied to all configured agents.

You can modify values or keep defaults then save.

Although Continuum defaults to storing its data within the installation, it is a best practice to separate the installation and data directories.

These values can be pre-configured in continuum.xml. Make sure that Continuum is not running when editing this file.

You can modify values at a later time with the following steps:

  1. Login to Continuum with an Administrator account
  2. Click the Configuration link under the Administration sectionGeneral Configuration Menu
  3. Click the Edit button