Monitoring a Continuum instance


  • Edit $CONTINUUM_HOME/bin/[platform]/wrapper.conf to add:
  • Start Continuum
  • Start jconsole, (included with Sun JDK 1.5 and later,) select the 'WrapperSimpleApp' line, and click Connect

    The following image shows starting Continuum 1.1, adding a project group, then adding and building the trunk of the Shale Framework (14 modules):

    The following image shows the same Continuum instance running for several hours:

Garbage Collection and Heap Size

Edit $CONTINUUM_HOME/bin/[platform]/wrapper.conf to add:

The first sends to the console (and wrapper log) while the second sends to the filename that you tell it to.

Example output:

420.568: [GC 62459K->58474K(65104K), 0.0074933 secs]
420.778: [GC 62634K->58733K(65104K), 0.0060762 secs]
420.919: [GC 62893K->58832K(65104K), 0.0034433 secs]
421.015: [GC 62992K->58723K(65104K), 0.0026420 secs]
421.067: [GC 62883K->60885K(65104K), 0.0107248 secs]
421.140: [GC 65045K->62114K(66384K), 0.0122194 secs]
421.153: [Full GC 62114K->32136K(66384K), 0.3591207 secs]
421.655: [GC 36296K->32242K(65104K), 0.0037377 secs]
421.754: [GC 36402K->33061K(65104K), 0.0037182 secs]
421.835: [GC 37221K->33120K(65104K), 0.0028722 secs]
421.930: [GC 37280K->34582K(65104K), 0.0056601 secs]
422.074: [GC 38742K->35150K(65104K), 0.0072451 secs]

             before->after (total),  time

This shows the heap size before and after garbage collection as well as the total heap size and the time for the GC run.