Managing Project Groups

Group Summary homepage

Adding a Project Group

From the home page (Group Summary) Use the the Add Project Group button

Add Project Group

Then You will have the project Group detail.

Edit Project Group detail

Some fields are mandatory :

  • Project Group Name
  • Project Group Id

Editing a Project Group

From the home page (Group Summary), click the project group name link.

The project group information will then be displayed.

Project Group Summary

Then, click on the Edit button.

Update Project Group

The following fields can be updated:

  • Project Group Name: The name of the project group.
  • Description: A brief description about the group.
  • Local Repository: The specific repository used for the project which points to the exact location of the repository in the machine used for building.
  • Homepage Url: The site of the project.

And, projects can be moved to another project group.

Deleting a Project Group

There are two ways to delete a project group.

From the home page (Group Summary), click the Delete icon to the right of the group you wish to delete.

From the Project Group Summary page, click the Delete Group button.

Confirm the deletion

Note that user roles for this project group will not be removed. This is intentional so that if you are sharing a user database among several Continuum instances, users will still be able to access the same group on a different server.