Force Project Build

Occasionally you may want to force a build outside of the regular schedule. When builds are triggered manually, the following happens:

  • Projects are updated from the SCM. These are queued under the Prepare Build Queues section in Queues page.
  • Builds of the projects are executed. These are queued under the Build Queues in Queues page.

If there are duplicates of a project in another project group (duplicates would mean another instance of a project with the same groupId, artifactId, and version), all the projects are built.

However, if there are duplicates of a project in the same project group, only one (1) of the duplicated projects is built.

To manually build a project perform the following steps:

  1. Click Show Project Groups.
  2. Click the project group link of the project you want to build. This will put you on the Summary page of the project group.
  3. You can click Build all projects button under Group Actions to build all the projects in the project group.Project Group Actions
  4. To build an individual project, you can click on the build icon that is found along the row of the project you want to build. It is the first icon on the right of the project name. This will execute the default build goal you have defined for that project.

    To build selected projects, check the box beside the name of the project, then click the Build Project(s) button.

    If you want to build the project according to a specific build goal other than the default build goal, click on the project name to go to the Project's Information page. All build goal definitions for the project are listed under the Build Definitions section. Click on the build icon to the right of the specific build goal you want to execute.

To view the results of the build, refer to Build Results Management.