Scheduling Project Build

Schedules determine the project's time interval to build.

When scheduled builds are triggered, there is no dependency ordering between project groups and the following happens:

  • Projects are updated from the SCM. These are queued under the Prepare Build Queues section in Queues page.
  • Builds of the projects are executed. These are queued under the Build Queues in Queues page.

If there are duplicates of a project in another project group (duplicates would mean another instance of a project with the same groupId, artifactId, and version), both projects are built.

However, if there are duplicates of a project in the same project group, only one (1) of the projects is built.

To configure a scheduled build:

  1. Create a schedule. You can refer to Managing Schedules section.
  2. Add a build definition to a project using the schedule created in step 1 for the Schedule field. You can refer to the section Managing Build Definitions.Scheduling build

To view the results of the build, refer to Build Results Management.