Prepare for Release

Navigate to the Project Group Summary and click the Release button or icon.


Choose Prepare project for release and click Submit.


Complete the form, providing the SCM tag name, etc.

Check the Use edit mode checkbox if you are using an SCM system that requires you to obtain a lock before editing.

Click Submit.

Note: When releasing in a distributed builds setup, a Build environment should be selected containing at least one enabled build agent. Furthermore, the release will not happen in the following cases:

  • no build environment selected
  • no build agent found in the build agent group attached to the build environment
  • all build agents configured in the selected build environment are disabled
Release Prepare parameters

Wait for the process to complete, then click Done.

Note: Hitting the Rollback button does not roll back or delete the SCM tag created during the scm-tag phase. So when re-doing the release prepare of the same version, make sure that the tag does not exist in SVN, if so, the tag should be manually deleted.

You will be returned to this page to make another selection.

To view the release prepare results, refer to Release Results Management.